Carpentry takes off in Malmö!

In Malmö, an entirely new district is being created – Varvsstaden. Here, a large area of industrial land will be transformed into a place where people live and work. There are a number of old brick buildings in the area that are being preserved and brought back to life, one of which is the “Snickeriet”, the oldest building in Varvsstaden.

You can read all about the background of the project, the history of the carpentry and how the idea of moving the building was born in the link below.

So how do you go about future-proofing a brick building that is 50m long, 18m wide and 17m high and also weighs about 1900 tons?

In 2022, Tunga Lyft was responsible for the execution and assembly of about 200 tons of equipment for the lifting of Snickeriet.

Don’t miss the video of the house taking off!