Infrastructure is key to community development and growth, bringing people and places together. Infrastructure is important for a modern Sweden to ensure a long-term and functional sustainable transport supply for business and citizens throughout the country. Well-functioning transport and communication in our country is a good prerequisite for reduced emissions, employment and competitiveness.

We work on community projects with the biggest players in the market. For each project, we work actively to answer questions and carry out the most complex work. Everything from building a metro station to assembling a port crane.

We at Tunga Lyft are proud to be part of modern Swedish infrastructure history. We have participated in the construction of landmarks such as the Öresund Bridge, new train stations far below ground in our major cities that connect our country and several ports that are an important part of our export market.


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    extensive experience in infrastructure

    Society is evolving and the needs of businesses and people are constantly changing. During our 75+ years in the industry, Tunga Lyft has been part of Sweden's largest and most challenging infrastructure investments. We are experts in working with effective solutions and ideas so as not to impact society, production or third parties. Tunga Lyft's capacity, safety work and equipment are in a class of their own in the Swedish market. With a local presence in several major cities, we are close to the next challenge no matter the scale.

    Many years of experience and lots of lifting jobs with special conditions make us a leader in the technology for infrastructure projects. This knowledge streamlines the procurement and operation of the project. Our skills and experience make it easier to take on unique and complex projects where conditions are different. Tunga Lyft are specialists in environmental assessment and safety solutions for us working on site but also for third parties. We see the risks and difficulties.

    Our main areas of expertise:

    • Bridges
    • Roads
    • Tunnels
    • Railways
    • Ports
    • Buildings
    • Airports

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    Do you have questions about how we can help you? Contact Conny Plato.
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    E-mail: conny.plato@tungalyft.se


    We can handle any project

    Our focus is to provide infrastructure with low operating costs and high quality. Everything from small, individual projects to long-term comprehensive solutions. We offer solutions for every project and always focus on the customer's needs.

    We have experience in infrastructure projects that require risk management, continuity and cost efficiency. We provide reliable, safe and sustainable solutions that help create urban environments for society.


    We are a reliable and economical partner, providing a long-term commitment and extensive expertise. Contact us and we can take a closer look at your conditions and help with equipment, planning, risks and environmental assessments. We foresee the best equipment for any demanding project.