Rigging is a necessary part of many large construction projects. We install and assemble safe platforms and heavy lifting equipment. We can help with all types of rigging work, from hiring a regular rigger to leaving the entire rigging work to us. Safety always comes first during our projects and our qualified staff are continuously trained to avoid hazards. Certification and training are the best defense against accidents that riggers encounter every day. Our project managers can help with pre-project set-up planning. We can't predict every problem on site, but with all our years of experience in rigging, we can anticipate the most common problems and find solutions to problems that arise.


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    Heavy lifting is something we are experts in. We actively promote safety and understand the dangers of heavy lifting. Our staff are trained and always play it safe. We plan and carry out all types of heavy lifting safely by following current regulations and using the right protective equipment. Our expertise is based on long experience, which allows us to adapt each project to your needs. We are committed to safety and creating a safe environment for our workers and the public.


    For more complex lifts where several people work at the same time, experienced lift supervisors work to ensure that each lift is carried out correctly. We can handle all possible lifts where, for example, the load is complicated or if several machines are involved in the lift. We have trained lifting supervisors who know the standards, laws and regulations to carry out lifting work in the best and safest way. The lift manager has overall responsibility for the lift and ensures that everyone in the workplace is aware of the plan. Our lifting supervisors are also responsible for safety in the workplace, checking that each lift is carried out safely.



    If you need help with riggers, baxers or lift leaders, you should contact Tunga Lyft. We have experience with the most complex jobs, the right equipment and trained staff for each job. We look forward to hearing from you!

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