Dismantling with Tunga Lyft

With more construction going on than ever before, and both industrial and community projects growing in scale, it is not uncommon to forget how demanding dismantling, relocation and removal can often be. It can be even more complicated when dealing with sophisticated structures whose demolition requires detailed knowledge of material handling, removal and safety requirements. For us, this kind of demanding dismantling is a given part of our business, and successful dismantling is something we really take pride in.

We have many years of experience in dismantling complex structures and industrial buildings in demanding environments where expectations of efficiency are high. Thanks to modern equipment, such as electric and hydraulic tools, we can smoothly handle everything from small projects to extremely demanding large-scale industrial dismantling. For us, it doesn't really matter whether we are dealing with security classified and complex buildings like nuclear power plants, or more mundane things like elevator shafts and premises. Our staff have the knowledge, experience and certifications to handle the most complex dismantling operations imaginable. Always with satisfactory results.


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    In most cases, a huge amount of thought, commitment and resources are put into compiling and designing buildings and technical solutions that then become an integral part of our daily lives and society at large. We all depend in many ways on fuel depots, silos, warehouses and so on. However, these types of buildings and structures are naturally relatively difficult to demolish. Often a detailed knowledge of both the architectural and material aspects is required. Sometimes it is simply not possible to carry out safe and secure dismantling without both extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.

    Our employees are well aware of the huge responsibility that comes with taking on a dismantling job. With the latest equipment, relevant certification and in-depth knowledge, they can ensure that the dismantling you need is carried out in the best possible way. There is really no limit to the size of projects we can take on, and we are used to working in extremely demanding environments where there is simply no room for error.

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    We can handle any project

    Contact us to discuss your preferences and requirements. We can meet most of your needs, and are used to working on both large-scale and smaller projects. Our approach ensures minimal impact on nearby buildings and any existing operations. By keeping noise levels and environmental footprint down, we can work in close proximity to residential areas without any negative impact on residents. This has made us a popular choice among those who want smooth, efficient and discreet dismantling.

    By adapting our approach to individual needs, conditions and wishes, we have become a popular and recurring choice among many of the largest industrial players, as well as many private individuals. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will be a faithful and reliable partner for all your dismantling needs.