Storing things on storage racks both provides a good overview and saves on floor space, so it's no wonder that many people use different types of storage racks.
There are many hidden risks in a warehouse environment. This may include damaged racks, or faulty/non-existent safety features. Some risks may be easy to spot, but many are difficult to see, and if these safety risks are not addressed, serious damage can result.

Every year there are several accidents in the warehouse environment, and a large number of these accidents are related to the handling of goods in and around racking. Thus, there are now higher requirements for a safe storage environment, and all companies are obliged to ensure that both the equipment and the storage environment meet a wide range of safety requirements. This applies both to existing stocks and new installations.


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    Stronger requirements for inspection of scaffolding

    As the authorities' requirements for periodic inspections have become stricter, more and more people need help with the inspection of their warehouse equipment.

    The guidance and legislation covering these requirements are:

    • Swedish Work Environment Authority, AFS 2006:4
      A 3:2 extended safety requirements for pallet racks and other storage racks

    All businesses that have racking or other storage racks are required by current regulations to ensure that they meet both EU requirements and the requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority. These requirements are of course an important part of your safety work, and we at Tunga Lyft have safety and safety work as one of our most important core values.

    Why inspect scaffolding?

    Employers should have procedures in place to regularly check scaffolding to ensure it has not been damaged or otherwise altered. These procedures should clearly state how often the racking should be checked, which parts need to be checked and who is ultimately responsible for carrying out the check.

    Regular expert inspections make it easier to follow and comply with these procedures. And most importantly, it is the best way to reduce the risk of possible accidents.

    Several times a year, simple periodic checks should be carried out by company officials. However, in order to ensure the safety of your warehouse in the best possible way, we strongly recommend using external expertise when it comes to racking inspection.

    Tunga Lyft carries out regular inspections

    Regular inspection and repair of racking is thus a critical part of inventory management. However, responsible persons in the company may not always be fully aware of the risks that may arise for the warehouse, the staff and the whole business.

    By having Tunga Lyft perform an ongoing expert inspection of your scaffolding, you ensure that you get a picture of any damage and risks in your current systems. At the same time, you will receive a proposal for action to ensure that your business is compliant and that you have a safe workplace for your staff. We document the inspection that you have as part of your systematic work environment management.


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    An inspection is a small cost to avoid expensive breakdowns and major damage, so make sure to book today.

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