Sometimes you need to move whole buildings

In Sweden, the number of houses and homeowners has skyrocketed. Among families with school-age children, more than 70% now live in an owner-occupied single-family home, and among businesses, houses have become a common solution for office space. Interestingly, alongside this development, we have become increasingly mobile, with more and more people moving on a relatively regular basis.

Recently, it has also become common to move houses either to avoid building new ones or to carry out a minor relocation of buildings on an existing property. Quite often, buildings may also need to be lifted in connection with new construction, or to address soil settlement problems. This kind of move creates a lot of opportunities, but also requires a lot of experience and equipment to do it right. We can move most commercial houses and buildings, whether it's moving an entire building, moving a building in sections or any other heavy lifting.



  • Moving houses and buildings is a major project that can cost more than SEK 15,000 in initial fees and rarely falls below SEK 300,000 on average.
  • Moving a building usually requires both a demolition permit and a building permit, as well as identifying any transport constraints.
  • Moving houses and buildings requires considerable experience and the right equipment to be carried out safely.
  • Tunga Lyft i Sverige AB has experience in moving both small houses and large buildings and carefully plans each project to ensure a successful move.

We can move most buildings

People are becoming more and more demanding about the location of houses and buildings, and it is not uncommon to discover after a while that the existing location was not as good as you thought. This can range from simply wanting to adjust the location to perhaps moving the house to a completely different part of the country. It is also not uncommon for people to want to move a building or holiday home for practical or sentimental reasons. Whatever the ambitions and desires, we can offer safe, smooth and fast relocation of existing houses and buildings. We handle both commercial single-family homes and large buildings with equal success and a high degree of care.

This type of move places very high demands on both planning and execution. Each individual building has unique features and characteristics that make it extremely important to plan the move carefully. Everything from the age, construction, location and general condition of the building has a big impact on how the move itself should be carried out to ensure no damage is done. We have experience in both moving whole houses and moving buildings in sections. Therefore, when you contact us, we will discuss with you the conditions for your planned move.

From idea to execution

Moving a house requires a lot of planning and execution. Often both demolition and building permits are required, and during transportation many rigorous requirements regarding weight, height and width limits must be met. With us, you never have to worry about problems on the road. As experienced house movers, we are well acquainted with the relevant procedures and existing requirements. Before each project, we measure and estimate the existing building to plan both lifting and transportation. This way, we can guarantee you a successful transfer.

No project is too big or too small for us, and we really look forward to you contacting us so we can jointly look at the conditions for moving your building.



Whether you have concrete plans to move a house or building, or if you want to find out what the conditions are in your particular situation, you can contact us and we will look into it.

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