Our services

When you hire us, you can feel completely safe. Our history goes back as far as 1940, and despite lifting millions of tons since then, our backs are in better shape than ever. With a variety of powerful machines and smart systems, we are ready for any kind of job, no matter how complex. For example, if you need help to build a road tunnel, we will help you move it and get it in place, with a solution adapted to the mission and the construction. We also act as movers when you want to move but take the whole house with you, or if you need a heavyweight for demolition work.

Our main strength, apart from the strength itself, is that we specialize in finding solutions when environments are difficult to access or when structures are complex. You can order services from us in the following areas:


Tunga Lyft provides qualified rigging personnel for the heavy industry. We do everything from taking care of the entire rigging work to hiring out our riggers.

For heavy industry, we provide qualified rigging personnel with proven training. This can be anything from hiring an experienced rigger to leaving the entire rigging work to us.

We are in on everything - you set the limits.

Machine assembly

Tunga Lyft assembles machines of all kinds. Big or small, light or heavy. We do the job from delivery and assembly to a ready-to-run machine. You just press the start button!

We are happy to undertake machine assembly of various sizes and types. This can range from overhead cranes, escalators, jet guns, ventilation systems to entire printing press lines.

Movement of machinery

Heavy lifting has an extensive machine moving activity. We undertake to move entire plants or individual machines. We operate all over Sweden, but it is not uncommon for us to move machinery abroad. For this activity, we have a wide range of equipment for all possible missions. Often our customers want us to undertake the entire assignment consisting of transportation, assembly and even storage.

Another specialty that we perform is safe removals.


Tunga Lyft is an expert in launching in various forms. We have everything from small, easy-to-handle systems to heavier jacks that can handle loads of up to 30,000 tons. Nothing is impossible with Heavy Lift.


Installing escalators can be complicated depending on the size, accessibility of the premises and the time of installation. Tunga lyft is an expert in the assembly, lifting, installation and replacement of escalators and also cooperates with the major escalator manufacturers.

Mast & trestle lift

We know mast lifting and are able to solve the requirements of each specific project when it comes to mast lifting. We can thus satisfy requirements for different dimensions and capacities that can be used for both palletizing and lifting.

Moving house

Tunga Lyft are experts in all forms of house moving and house lifting. We can move anything from small to large houses - whole or in sections.

Roof lift

Nowadays, roof lifts are becoming more and more common in order to extend the height of a building instead of adding more land area. We at Tunga Lyft have carried out many successful lifts where efficiency and safety are the focus. If you need to lift your roof, contact us for a consultation!


Are you upgrading, repairing or replacing a building or machine and need help with dismantling? We can dismantle any size and scope. In the case of a machine, it can either be dismantled on site or moved and then dismantled. Buildings are dismantled and we can arrange for the relocation of buildings if desired.

Within these services, we can also help with everything from execution to consultation. In other words, we are your one-stop solution that ensures the work is done with precision, safety and high expertise. Need help with something and wondering if we are the solution? Get in touch with us and we'll answer all your questions.