Tunga Lyft are experts in assembling, moving, installing and replacing escalators in all sorts of challenging and inaccessible environments. We work with the biggest players in the market to manufacture escalators in Sweden. Thanks to this, we have a broad customer base and have long been a reliable market leader in the installation of escalators. Our versatile solutions offer an option for all types of indoor and outdoor environments, from small escalators in an office to large escalators at metro stations.

The escalators in the Malmö City Tunnel and the new Stockholm Odenplan and Stockholm City train stations are some examples of challenging deliveries and installations we have successfully and safely completed in recent years.


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    We respect the environment

    Tunga Lyft's long experience in assembly, relocation, installation and replacement of escalators allows us to offer the shortest assembly time. When many parts have to work together, an urban environment can be tricky. With our careful planning of the work, safe equipment and ability to be flexible, the work goes quickly and smoothly. We specialize in not impacting society or third parties when replacing or installing escalators through effective and functional solutions for each unique design.

    Safety is paramount

    Safety is the starting point for all our work with escalators. Installation, relocation and replacement of escalators or individual parts are always carried out according to the latest safety regulations. The work is carried out by trained personnel specialized in escalators and provides minimal disruption to the environment. We have knowledge of all models on the market and are brand independent.

    Installation, removal and replacement

    We provide services related to all escalators. No matter what you need help with, Tunga Lyft has the solution. We are actively involved in the assembly, relocation and replacement of entire escalators or the replacement of parts of the escalator, e.g.. motors or electrical installations. With an experienced and highly specialized staff, no project is too big for us. The knowledge of escalator installation is Tunga Lyft's strong point.



    We work with high quality and reliable solutions that result in low overall costs. No project is too complicated for us. We carry out a proper planning of the work for all parties in order to do the job smoothly. With a short installation time and the best price, we are a leader in escalator installation. If you need help with assembling, replacing, installing or moving escalators, we are happy to help you. Contact us and let our qualified staff help you.

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