Mini cranes

A mini-crane is a smaller and more agile crane designed to handle heavy lifting and moving in confined spaces. The difference between a mini crane and other types of cranes lies mainly in its size and flexibility. It offers the possibility to work in places that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to reach with a larger crane. Moreover, other cranes usually require more space and sometimes special equipment to be moved.

The mini crane's compact design allows us to access tight spaces such as stairwells, courtyards or narrow passages. They are also easy to transport and can be easily assembled or disassembled when needed.

"Here we have a crane that is small on the outside but big on the inside, really like a Swiss army knife where you get everything important at the same time." - Dennis Andersson, CEO of Tunga Lyft AB.


Using a mini crane is therefore a smart investment to streamline and simplify your project. Its sleek design and strong lifting capacity make it an indispensable tool on construction sites and for any handling or moving of heavy materials. With a mini crane, you can increase productivity, reduce the risk of injury and save time and money. It is a powerful tool that can do wonders for your construction or project work. Here are some of the benefits:

Smooth and compact:

A mini crane is perfect for tight spaces where a regular crane cannot reach. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver in places with limited accessibility.

Strong lifting capacity:

Despite its small size, a mini crane can lift the heavier objects with ease. The models have an impressive lifting capacity that makes it suitable for handling all types of jobs.

Versatile use:

A mini crane can be used for many different purposes, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you need to lift materials on a job site, move a heavy object in a workshop or install balconies - Tunga Lyft has a mini crane that can do the job.


Choosing a mini-crane can be a very cost-effective and time-saving solution compared to using larger and more expensive machines. It also makes it possible to quickly and efficiently lift or move materials and objects in the desired location, which in turn minimizes the need for manual labor.

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A machine that is small on the outside but big on the inside.
That's one of the things we fell for!

- Dennis Andersson, CEO of Tunga Lyft.

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