Do you have concrete plans to expand or general concerns about the most suitable solutions for your property? Roof lifts are a cost-effective and convenient way to increase the height of your existing building or home. We have completed a large number of successful roof lifts, and have many years of experience working with both residential and commercial buildings. Although extending existing buildings through traditional extensions is still by far the most common method, it has recently become very popular to increase the number of floors instead. But what exactly is a ceiling lift? And when is it an appropriate option?

Building technology has made enormous progress in a short time. The number of new and effective methods for reliable and qualitative new construction, renovation and expansion has increased. The increased availability of powerful machines and constantly improving working methods have allowed individuals and businesses to benefit from modern solutions. Ceiling lifts are a perfect example of this development, and are now an obvious choice for those looking to extend an existing building. This creates a truly unique opportunity to give existing homes or premises a completely new floor.


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    What are the benefits of ceiling lifts?

    Whether you want to expand your private residence due to an addition to your family, or need to adapt an industrial property or a farm, a roof lift means that you don't have to move your family or business, but instead have the opportunity to use existing space. This avoids hassles such as selling property, moving and setting up a new business. When the building is extended in height, you rarely have to worry about the property area limiting your dreams and ambitions. In most cases, the building can be used as normal while the work is going on, making it a non-intrusive option for expansions.

    We are responsible from planning to completion of the lift

    We take great pride in taking full responsibility for every project we undertake. When it comes to roof lifts, it is extremely important to ensure that the building in question can actually be extended in height, which requires careful consideration of whether the building materials and construction used are equipped to withstand additional stresses. We use equipment that can handle the most demanding jobs, so you never have to worry about whether your building is too big or too small for the project. By inspecting the existing building, we ensure that a roof lift is possible, and through joint planning, we can guarantee that the result meets your expectations.



    Whether you have concrete plans to expand and are considering an extra floor or are just considering several options, we look forward to hearing from you. In consultation with you, we are happy to look at the conditions for a quick, smooth and efficient roof lift that will extend your existing building in the best possible way. We have the experience and equipment to handle even the most demanding jobs.

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