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Tunga Lyft are experts in all types of heavy lifting. We do all kinds of machine and factory lifting in industry, from a small mechanical workshop to large forestry industries. Of course, every lift is carried out with the customer's best interests in mind so as not to interfere with other daily operations. We examine the size and weight of projects and then find the best equipment for each lift. A small machine lift can have a big impact for an industrial company that doesn't want to stop production for a long time, and that's where our expertise comes in. We adapt each lift to the given circumstances and build a customized lifting device for each unique lift so that the job can be done quickly and safely.

All our equipment undergoes careful and extensive maintenance and is operated by the best, safest and certified operators in the industry. We have experience in all kinds of machine and factory lifting, whether the weight is over 500 kg, 500 tons or even more. We have solutions for every project thanks to careful planning, detailed calculations and sustainable designs for every lift.


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    Safety is paramount

    We are an industry leader in safety for every project and are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and customers as well as the public. Our safety work is based on knowledge, experience and our safety and training program. With our deep commitment to safety, we constantly train ourselves in the best safety practices. We regularly inspect our equipment and replace parts long before they break down. This approach ensures our equipment but above all the safety of our staff and the environment of our projects.

    Careful planning and durable equipment

    Every heavy lift requires careful planning. We simulate all lifts before each project and carry out thorough checks according to a clear plan at each lifting stage. This is to ensure that each lift is done correctly but also to see how the work will be done. We use the most up-to-date 3D software, which helps us to fulfill all the client's wishes when planning the project from start to finish. The heavy lift is imported into the design software so that all details of the lift can be defined and analyzed. Each project is unique and we specialize in building custom-made lifting jacks or other aids that may be needed. This allows us to be effective in complex lifts where the environment does not allow the use of lifting or truck cranes.


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    More information?


    Contact us and tell us what you need help with. Machine and factory lifting is our expertise and no lift is too complicated for us. With seven depots around the country, we offer all types of assignments throughout Sweden. We present an overall picture of how each lift will be carried out.