Whether it is heavy transportation for individuals or companies, the use of heavy and demanding machinery is becoming more and more common, and contractors today have high expectations for both high efficiency and the ability to handle the most demanding projects. The increased availability of machinery on the consumer market has also enabled private individuals to use heavier machinery when carrying out work on their own land.

We at Tunga lyft offer everything from heavy transportation to assembly and storage of heavy machinery. Thanks to our experience working in complex and demanding conditions, we have both the equipment and the know-how to ensure a good end result. And since we have the capacity to transport machines all over Sweden and even Europe, we have become the partner of choice for most customers.


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    In today's society, we are highly dependent on well-functioning machines. This is not surprising, as every day around the world, people are lifting materials that are so heavy that it would be impossible to lift manually. Often, work is also carried out periodically in a large number of different locations, which means that mobility requirements are greater than before. Because of this, being able to have these machines transported between different locations is a must.

    Many people assume that heavy machinery is robust and can withstand most things, but more modern machines often have precision equipment. This requires careful handling and gentle care. Every machine move has different challenges, which is why we always make sure to carry out every machine move with the utmost care. We have access to all relevant lifting aids to ensure that lifting is carried out with the necessary care, depending on the technical characteristics, weight and specific requirements of the machine. With us at Tunga Lyft, you can therefore be sure that all types of machine moves, heavy transports and special transports are carried out safely and securely, in a way that guarantees that both your own interests and the condition of the machine are preserved.

    The machine to be moved is usually an important part of the customer's process, so for each project we make sure to identify exactly what is required to get the job done right. With access to crane trucks, forklifts, trailers and more, we can move just about anything.
    It could be safes, machines, entire houses. The possibilities are endless.
    When you contact us, we will discuss expectations and what is required to ensure that the project has an end result that satisfies all parties.

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    More than just machine transport

    If you need to move a machine, we also offer disassembly and reassembly of your equipment to ensure the smoothest and most efficient way to move it as quickly and safely as possible.

    We offer everything from transportation to storage and assembly of heavy machinery. With extensive experience of working in demanding conditions, we have both the equipment and knowledge to ensure a job well done. By being able to transport machines all over Sweden, and also Europe in general, we have become a given partner for several customers.

    Whatever your needs in terms of special transportation of machinery, you are welcome to contact us and we will work out a plan together. We have never failed a machine move and have no plans to do so.