How we work with mobile cranes

Overhead cranes are construction machines equipped with steel cables and pulleys, and are simply used to lift and lower different types of materials. They are most often used on construction sites and as an aid to the construction of heavier items in the engineering industry.

The cranes used in the construction industry are mostly temporary structures that are fixed either in the ground or on a mobile platform. They are then operated either from the cab of the crane or by handheld radio control, while the crane operator is assisted by workers on the ground.

We at Tunga Lyft work a lot with both crane trucks and mobile cranes, and many of the jobs we do require a mobile crane.


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    What is a mobile crane?

    The most common type of mobile crane consists of a telescopic (i.e. retractable and extendable) boom made of steel or iron, attached to a mobile platform via a hinge. The boom is then raised and lowered using a system of cables or hydraulic cylinders, and the power source driving the hydraulic pumps is usually a diesel engine. There is also a variant that is a fixed truss construction, where the boom is raised and lowered using steel cables.

    The difference between a crane truck and a mobile crane is that with a crane truck you drive around with the crane on the truck bed. Here, however, you are more limited in how heavy, how high and how low you can lift.

    - A mobile crane is easier in that way because they can lift anything from a few tons up to over 1000 tons, so they can lift really heavy," says Peter Pettersson at Tunga Lyft.

    Mobile cranes are often used for shorter projects. Such as lifting machines and transformers, and they have been used extensively for the opening of Liseberg when things need to be held for short periods.

    A mobile crane is simply more adaptable. At the start of the project, we find out how far from the lift it needs to be, and then calculate the size needed.


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    Trained lifting supervisors who work extensively with mobile cranes

    We at Tunga Lyft are trained lift leaders. We work continuously with mobile cranes and can both manage and direct the cranes in a safe and efficient way.

    - "If you have a longer project on a building site, you use construction cranes that are fixed and stay there for several months," Peter continues, "but mobile cranes are great for shorter projects. You hire them for a few days to a few weeks and then you are done with that project.

    Need help lifting or moving something heavy? Do not hesitate to contact us at Tunga Lyft, we have the capacity, knowledge and experience for the best possible end result.