Equipment that can handle most trestle lifting tasks

Tunga Lyft has equipment that can handle anything - from a few hundred kilos to hundreds of tons. We lift everything from houses and industrial machinery to bridges and statues. We have equipment that makes it possible to assemble lifting jacks in many different designs - all according to your needs and wishes.

Some examples:

800-ton trestle - buildable in many different designs.
400-ton trestle - buildable in many different designs.
100-ton trestle - buildable in many different designs.
100-ton lift cylinder - for tight spaces.
100-ton lifting mast - customized according to needs.


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    See photo examples of the 400-ton trestle above and the 125-ton trestle and Peri trestle on the right side of the page.

    Peribock - a type of trestle that can be easily adapted to your needs.
    Roller trestle - a flexible, movable trestle, maximum load 1500 kg.
    Aluminum trestle - extremely light, good in tight spaces, max load 750 kg.

    Masts for lifting or palletizing are available in several different dimensions with different capacities. These can be assembled in many different ways, depending on the requirements of each specific trestle or mast lift job.

    See examples of work we have done in the field of trestle and mast lifting.

    Not everything has to weigh several hundred tons

    We can also put a safe down so it can be rolled out through a lower doorway, even though the safes are heavy. An example is one weighing three tons that we handled at the post office in Malmö.


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