We currently have three palletizing/support systems at our disposal.

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1 . Megashor

See our brochure on Megashor

Megashor is an extremely robust and modular stamping system, designed for high axial loads. The real strength of the system lies in its versatility. Megashor can be configured for a variety of applications, from heavy lift towers to subway construction cars, shaft supports, reinforcement systems and trusses.

2. rapidshor

See our brochure on Rapidshor

Rapidshor is a powerful galvanized modular scaffolding system with a robust construction. Easy assembly, low operating costs and an extensive range of accessories make Rapidshor the primary choice for modular scaffolding construction.

3. super slim

See our brochure on Superslim

Superslim is the perfect base component for all form building. It is robust and easy to assemble into beams of almost any length, and is suitable for the most diverse temporary structures.

All systems provide quick, safe and simple benefits. Both in terms of function, performance and economic benefit.


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